Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan 2010


Its 8.37pm but I had finished my Isya' & Tarawikh prayer..haha..guess this is d advantages of living in east M'sia, everything is an hour earlier than west M'sia.

I went to pasar ramadan today,it was my 4th trip this week but really have no idea on what to eat. We make 2 round of tour to see if I missed any good food but I and end up buying 2 types of chicken..and that is it.. Klu kt KL tu mmg xcukup tangan rasa bli sume benda yg di jual.

I always imagine Mak punye popia basah & mee kari...yummyy..!!
Xpe..this year I will be home a week earlier before raya, I'll get nak to do it.

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