Friday, August 13, 2010

32:...gosh it became closer!!


It always makes me hell worry every time I look at the ticker..the big day counter remind me of how ready I am to become somebody's wife.

Malu nk ngaku tp gue mmg jaaaaraaanngg sgt masak ;p especially dok bujang ngn kwn2 ni..I rather go to work, exercise in the evening and chill with fren while having dinner. Nnt jd bini org xleh teruskn mkn2 luar ni, lari laki nnt..haha

Mak called me today, tanya "X balik ke minggu ni?" Huhu..trus jd sedih..I know, mak was so worry about my wedd do III!!! Adehh.. Pasni nk survey tiket la balik kl..nk balikkkk...nk balikkk!!!

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