Sunday, August 22, 2010

22: Beaitiful weekend


It was an awesome weekend and it was the thing that I need the most prior to my Big day...unplanned family gathering.. :)

Having Along all the way from Oman, Angah from Kuching & Acu back from Ireland for good completes the 5 Wan's reunion. We seldom got this chance now a days as everyone is not living in KL except Adik. Though it was only happen on the weekend, we manage to get ourself together for 2 sahur & 1 buka puasa. We even had a simple 2 on 3 basketball game before was such a funny moment as we make Acu & Adik vs the whole world, but they are good..they beat us.

I could see how much this means to Mak & Abah...they even said that out loud to us after we had our Maghrib prayer together.

Don't worry Mak & Abah..we will be together again during Aildilfitri..aminn.

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