Wednesday, August 25, 2010

19: Checklist


-More or less are ready..last week we went for fitting and looks like the dress is ready but my body is to reduce few more kilos I guess

-Could say 98% ready except one more item for me that I have to wait for this year bonus to get it. The decoration will be done by the same designer of my costume.

-Alhamdulilah, mak & abah have been dealing with the caterer for the past few months already. My task is to choose the theme color of the tent.

Door Gifts:
-I'll be expecting my doorgift to be ready by 30 Aug. Gift for abang's family and for nikah nite are already been purchased by mak.

-Abah already engaged a group based on his friends recommendation, I just hope the group can deliver well on that day.

MC & PA System:
-I'm lucky that my future brother in law is an active player in show business. For this one, I totally leave it to him to run the show. Never heard or went for his show before but based on my colleagues that have engaged him before..he is one talented performer. Hope he can deliver his best during my event.

To be continue...dh ngantokk...(^o^)

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