Monday, August 9, 2010

36: tiring but priceless weekend..


I had a massive headache today..this I'd non other due to my hectic and sleepless weekend in KL. Being at home is so much fun for me..I appreciate every single moment with mak, abah and the rest of my family even there is no special occasion or activities at home. Being able to chat and surround by mak in the morning makes me forget about my sleepless night and feel like to do a lot of things with her..

Usually, I'll arrived late at home on Friday via 8 or 9pm airasia flight, if abang couldn't fetch me,mak and abah usually would be more than happy to be at LCCT half and hour before my arrival. Once we were at home, we usually sit in front of TV and chit chat about things happen recently to our life..then abah will slowly make a move to his bedroom. Abah usually can't stay long these day due to his sickness and tiring routine. We are totally understand of that.

Mak on the other hand would continue chatting with me in my bedroom even though it is already 2am . She would just love to accompany me though I totally can see that she is so tired and sleepy..sometime she just fell a sleep on my bed while still listening to my story. I have to wake her up to make sure she go back to her room and be with abah.

Mak usually wake up very early everyday, she will felt regretted the whole day if she missed her Tahajjud routine. After subuh, mak will wake up everybody for subuh prayer.
After subuh, she will recites some surah until the sun comes up..I would love to listen to it (though malas nk baca :p) and be near to her until she finish it.

Then, we will discuss about what to have for breakfast and activities of the day. Usually, if I'm around, mak will ask abah to just buy kueh from nearby stall and she will prepare the main dish..after bfast, we will do our own activities until night comes.

I've been very bz lately for my wedd preparation..I'll be in and out with abang or mak to get this done every chance I got. There is no more day sleep or nap at all though I hardly sleep 4hrs a day. In the other hand, I felt every single moment at home/weekend is so much precious to be wasted by only sleep and do nothing.

I guess that makes mak & abah gelled with me very well. God blessed me with a good parent and family that is worth to be with and to spend money on every weekend. I love u all sooooo...mucHHHH!!!!

Rabbirfirrli..waliwalidayya..warhamhuma..kamarobayana sorghira..

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