Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Selamat Hari Jadi Love..

I recently celebrates 2 special events in my life which is birthday daddy n Riaz. Rasa bersyukur pada Tuhan dengan kurnia yg tak terhingga ni, kehadiran 2 perosak jiwa yg so priceless and close to my heart. Doa gue utk mereka: "Ya Allah, aku bersyukur dengan kurniamu yang tak terhingga ini, Aku bersyukur atas kebahgiaan yg ku terima ini, Aku bersyukur atas nikmat rezeki yg ku terima ini, Aku bersyukur atas kesihatan yg kau ku terima ini, Kau peliharakan lah kurniaanmu ini dengan sebaik2 keadaan, Kau panjangkan lah kebahagiaan yg ku rasakan ini selama lamanya, Kau tambahkan la nikmat rezeki yg kau beri ini secukupnya, Kau sihatkan la diriku dan ahli keluargaku supaya mudah kami beriabdat, Peliharalah kami dari kekufuran setelah kau beri segala kenikmatan dan kebahagian ini. Amin."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadan Kareem

Salam :)

Today is the 11th Ramadan, alhamdulilah fasting is not a problem for me even though I'm breastfeeding my son.

Owh btw I got a son already and he is now (today) 2months old, he was born on 11th June 2011. I go so many things to update here since d day I got married until now after becoming a mother and a wife. Insyaallah will do that from time to time.

it is now 6.45am and we had sahur before and I just did my subuh prayer.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back..!!

Hello world..its been awhile since my last entry...rindu tp mcm xde masa (alasan) nk start balik blogging nih.. Insyaallah rasanya by next week boleh active balik la..hehe

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

19: Checklist


-More or less are ready..last week we went for fitting and looks like the dress is ready but my body is to reduce few more kilos I guess

-Could say 98% ready except one more item for me that I have to wait for this year bonus to get it. The decoration will be done by the same designer of my costume.

-Alhamdulilah, mak & abah have been dealing with the caterer for the past few months already. My task is to choose the theme color of the tent.

Door Gifts:
-I'll be expecting my doorgift to be ready by 30 Aug. Gift for abang's family and for nikah nite are already been purchased by mak.

-Abah already engaged a group based on his friends recommendation, I just hope the group can deliver well on that day.

MC & PA System:
-I'm lucky that my future brother in law is an active player in show business. For this one, I totally leave it to him to run the show. Never heard or went for his show before but based on my colleagues that have engaged him before..he is one talented performer. Hope he can deliver his best during my event.

To be continue...dh ngantokk...(^o^)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

22: Beaitiful weekend


It was an awesome weekend and it was the thing that I need the most prior to my Big day...unplanned family gathering.. :)

Having Along all the way from Oman, Angah from Kuching & Acu back from Ireland for good completes the 5 Wan's reunion. We seldom got this chance now a days as everyone is not living in KL except Adik. Though it was only happen on the weekend, we manage to get ourself together for 2 sahur & 1 buka puasa. We even had a simple 2 on 3 basketball game before was such a funny moment as we make Acu & Adik vs the whole world, but they are good..they beat us.

I could see how much this means to Mak & Abah...they even said that out loud to us after we had our Maghrib prayer together.

Don't worry Mak & Abah..we will be together again during Aildilfitri..aminn.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

28: Rasa nk demam


Sungguh rasa nk demam mlm ni, badan dh start lenguh2, idung dh mula berair + tersumbat...need to get some panadol to ease this pain.

Mlm ni ikut geng2 g tempah kek lapis utk bwk balik nnt. Biasanye x bnk gue bli sebab angah akan bwk balik since raya thn ni gue nk dpt family br, guess I should buy more utk adik bradik dia.

I'm really in pain nw, rasa cm xlarat nk tarawikh..rasa nk tdo dlu, klu tbgn sblm subuh nnt br wat tarawikh kot. Sleepy & tired, nite everyone.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ramadan 2010


Its 8.37pm but I had finished my Isya' & Tarawikh prayer..haha..guess this is d advantages of living in east M'sia, everything is an hour earlier than west M'sia.

I went to pasar ramadan today,it was my 4th trip this week but really have no idea on what to eat. We make 2 round of tour to see if I missed any good food but I and end up buying 2 types of chicken..and that is it.. Klu kt KL tu mmg xcukup tangan rasa bli sume benda yg di jual.

I always imagine Mak punye popia basah & mee kari...yummyy..!!
Xpe..this year I will be home a week earlier before raya, I'll get nak to do it.