Saturday, March 20, 2010

Netball fever

Though I hate this game very much but I'm still have to play for my team sbb mungkin aku agak bertenaga la (padahal rules hancur)..seriusly this games makes my whole body aching..huhu

We had a match yesterday & today..Won 2 games & Lost 2 games...ponekkk nk mampuiihhh...banyak team mate yg injured and they do not allow me to rest..we end up with 3rd place..thats fine..better than last year.

I did some angry shout to my own team mate during the game..which makes me feel bad until now..I'm sorry geng, it was just my emotional moment..mungkin terlalu penat+bengang dgn budak2 yg blah dr game cmtu je smpi team kita xde substitute..huhu..but its ok..cuba lagi next year..jgn simpan dlm hati yer :P
The only best thing for me main netball 2-3 hari ni adalah...WEIGHT LOSS...haha..I just achieved another good milestone...keep it up!!!

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