Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A good swing day

Hari ni bermula dgn batuk2 & minor flu yg sangat menggangu kecergasan minda & tubuh early as 9am, i start to search for old stock of medicine yg left over dolu2 kt ofis..i dont find cough med but only flu and it was purchased at pharmacy. So i took it ans continue work as usual..xsampai 1jam..i started to fell high...swing...nape hihh?? Then suddenly it pop ed on my mind that i do not check first whether the med can cause drowsiness or not...abis laaa...sah la ni satu hari ni sure swing je kepala nih..

Towards the end of the day ok la sikit coz lawan jugak swing feeling ni..g main squash (i really s*cks in squash...damn...kna bnk2 training lg). After that we went to chicken wings stall for dinner. It was a good environment at night as the wind sweeps to my face gently and no sound pollution from speed boaters..

During makan, we were talking on how to generate more money and not to just depend on monthly ciput salary. As a person who are doing quite well in 'unit trust' fo course Ely does have his back up plan..on the other hand gue sama Shally mana ada plan sgt, plan tu ada but execution tu yg payah sikit...suddenly Ely came out with brilliant business idea for me..tantaraaaa....xpe..nnt gue wat research dulu pasal idea ni...klu dh firm kang br leh share ngn sume org.. :P

p/s: thanks Ely...u r one nice, sweet, positive & good hearted guy..may you get all the happiness that you deserved from your fiance...aminn...

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