Friday, May 7, 2010

A new beginning..


Business..something that i was never thought that i'll be involved with before. I'm fairly ok in math..never did any business or economic study..poor knowledge in marketing & business strategy (but improving now) no family members had involved in business.....I'm basically fresh & innocent in this field....haha

Alhamdulilah...with the strong interest & calculated risk factor taken into account, I'm now starting my own business with a few friends. We have not fully launch it as the sale item is still not ready yet. Maybe, i need a week or 2 to be fully equiped & prepared.

We basical venturing the doorgift market for Sarawak & Brunei. From what we experianced & understood here, there are very little player in this field if you talking about Sarawak & Brunei market. Local people usually get the material from semenanjung or just bought it at very unreasonably high price here. And to tell you the truth, the design is sooo rediculesly old fashion..pitty them.

So guys, once it is support me ok..klu nk kawin ke nk buat ape2 kenduri la & you were think of preparing doorgift to your guest..think of ME ok :)

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