Saturday, May 8, 2010


It's been awhile since my last vacation (Jakarta-Bandung trip)..rinduu sgt nk pegi jalan2 lg...I love travelling, anywhere...u name it, klu ada rezeki mmg i willing to go mana2 pon. Alhamdulilah..though I'm not coming from a bloody rich family, with some savings so far I've been to a few countries jugak still x dpt challenge my younger sister..she is crazy mannn..she've been every where..US je yg dia blom pegi kott...(jeles2)...

Place that I have visited before:

1) London, UK - twice, masa blajar dulu skali (visit Along's family) & masa keje skali (Euro trip with Acu).
2) Paris, France - once masa Euro trip as well
3) Dublin, Ireland - Euro trip as well, tgk tempat Acu blaja & the place.. :)
4) Monaco, France - my fav place..wish could be rich & settle down with family there..Euro trip as well
5) Nice, France - love the beach during to just chill at the beach & eat Gellato..yum..Euro trip
6) Jakarta, Indonesia - havoc town..I could enjoy it if longer stay next time..nk dtg lg
7) Bandung, Indonesia - surprisingly the weather is cool there..bnk brg but not my fav place to shop i guess :P
8) Singapore - dh penah g bnk kali dulu time blaja, nk pegi lagi soon..
9) Brunei - hahaha..been here almost every month or bi-monthly for Sushi

Tahun ni xsure lagi nk plan g mana..actually I'm saving for my big trip...honeymoon of course... we plan to go to Australia...Yeayyy!!!!

Abang & I love tennis very much, we initially thought of going there during Australia Open season but our wedding so happen not going to fall during that season..huhu..maybe we plan to go to Gold Coast dulu visit br Melbourne ye love..hehe

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